Tomorrow Rising, Inwoods, Grenadiers!

It’s that time again… I’m traveling! Which always puts me in the mood to do some Self-Actualised Journalism. I just think it’s far more interesting when I’m going somewhere than If I was sat static.

I’m currently en route to Rainbow Serpent festival in Lexton, Victoria with my best buddy Mungo. For those who are uneducated Rainbow Serpent is a four daylong psytrance festival that takes place on the traditional land of the indigenous Australian people. It’s going to knock socks to say the least.

I even painted the mural in the frame to the right specifically to bring to the fest.

That is my friend Georgia Nelson’s cat; I thought it was pretty funny.

I withdrew $400 from my savings and Mungo and I began supply shopping. We bought a whole sandwich bag full of oregano, our food would need to be full of herbs if they were to taste nice. We also purchased a glass statue with some intricate holes in it, almost as if it was a contraption of sorts, but Mungo and I can’t figure out how to use it!

Okay so that was a photo not a video… this is getting unprofessional. Wow, I just realized this is being screen captured; I don’t even need to take any footage on photo booth.

Anywho, we purchased emergency ponchos, cold packs, lighters, spray bottles, a bum bag and many more miscellaneous items of mystical endowment for the adventure ahead. I have another eight hours on the bus, but so far I’ve been having a great time!

I hate using numerals in text…

Last Saturday night my good friend Steff, lead guitar for Tomorrow Rising, held the EP launch for their debut album at Brighton Bar. This venue is almost as good as the Meshuggah breakdown that just dropped in my earholes. It has a capacity of three hundred, and nega (more mega than mega) garage vibes. I was hours late to the show, so by the time I had arrived all the supporting bands had played their sets, one of which bands were my favoured Adelaide prog rockers Overview Effect.

Tomorrow Rising took to the stage and played a captivating set, comprised mostly of their own material, but with covers of songs by The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, and Arctic Monkeys thrown into the mix. It all made for an excellent vibe, and combined with the smoke machine, lights, and records plastered all over the walls it was captivating in a way that reminded me of nirvana (the place rather than the 90’s fad).

Songs like Cellophane Brain, Horse in Men Suits, and single Vanity were stand out songs, and the entire band was sounding as tight as I had ever heard them play, partly attributed to the excellent sound engineering, which was taken care of by Jonny of Overview Effect.

Tomorrow Rising are totally worth checking out. They are on the heavy end of the spectrum, alternative punk band, their singer is Irish, and they generally rock socks.

By now you all would know just how much I adore Punk Ass Kids at Rocket Bar, which occurs biweekly on a Wednesday night. Last night it was the best it had ever been, punk rock kids came in scores with new wave hairstyles and the best fashion sense in town. Burritos were for sale on the roof along with some market stalls. I bought this very bandana/desert scarf/sexual blindfold from one of those very stalls names No Wave Apparel. I highly recommend checking out there page. They have t-shirts, socks, jocks, and of course sexual blindfolds!

Last night was my going away goodbye drinks, and I was at ease with the universe that a large portion of my friends had come to see me off. The first band up were Inwoods, of whom the guitarist I had actually met two years prior on an extremely drunken night at the Ed Castle. His band are like Queens of the Stone Age had a baby with Mastosdon, and meanwhile Electric Wizard and Alice in Chains had a baby, and then by some universal happenstance those two babys meet and fuck! The spawn of that conundrum is the masterful four-piece that is Inwoods. It was absolutely amazing to see a band so heavy playing in front of a receptive and large crowd in one of Adelaide’s premier night clubs.

The sound was amazing, and Kif the bassist puts on a wicked show, thrashing around and walking that bass like its (shit I’m lost for a suitable metaphor).

Jordan, on guitar, looks just like the singer of Opeth, and their lead guitarist and drummer respectively shred ridiculously hard. I couldn’t have enjoyed their set more!

Grenadiers closed things up last night, and boy oh boy were they something special. I had actually been talking to two of the members, Jesse and Phil, over a drink, about the band they were in, but they didn’t tell me they were playing a set that night. Upon the last resounding note of their final song I approached Jesse and said to him;

“Why didn’t you say you were playing a set tonight?”

He grinned cheekily; he had been playing the humble cards just the right way.

“You never asked!”

Grenadiers can be described as the tightest punk rock band in Adelaide, upon the same pedestal as The Lizards, who I adore so much. Their energetic performance was something I had never seen in a club venue, and the songs are hard hitters. As Grenadiers are a three piece the sounds cut through clear as crystal, and makes for a dynamic listening experience. I can completely imagine Grenadiers playing on the bill of enormous festivals, without a doubt.

This has been Episode #3 of Self-Actualised Journalism; I hope you guys all enjoyed it.

Remember to always liberally apply Oregano to all of your Pizzas!

Jonty Czuchwicki