The Point, An Island, A Clearing and Bushkill Park @ The Metro

The Point, An Island, A Clearing, Bushkill Park… all of these names are places – The Point being the zenith of a mountain, rather than the crux of a sentence.

It is intriguingly so that this typically random, unaffiliated assortment of bands who share the same theme to their name were booked to play Acoustic Club Tuesday on Tuesday April the 8th. Pleasantly so ‘twas not all these acts had in common; Talent, Emotion and Originality were the tripartite characteristics of each artist who performed a twenty minute set list that humid and rainy Tuesday night just past. The Point opened the proceedings upon the little stage that was embedded in a corner of the foremost bar at the Metro.

The Point delivered a mesmerising collection of dreamy folk songs, invoking the vibration of a celestial combination between Tool and Jack White. Not to mention they also look the part, each of the duo with long hair and profound eyes.

I see Jack and Sam flourishing in earthy outdoor settings and moody club shows full of atmosphere.

An Island is composed singularly of Curtis Turley. Each of Tuesdays musicians were talented beyond the status quo, but Curtis was a clear stand out for me. An exquisite vocal range combines with emotive guitar work and intelligent song writing brought cheers and whistles from the crowd of thirty that littered the Metropolitan.

A Clearing brought the most peculiar sounding performance. His music resounded with a striking individuality – something that is harder and harder to find in this day and age.

Bushkill Park lent a tinge of Australian rock to the closing moments of the evening. A four piece playing a stripped down set reminiscent of Creed. They ended with an epic seven minute song.

Adelaide is often berated for its inherent lack of any functioning music scene. There are elements of truth here, yet there are also scores and scores of shows and performances littering the CBD, many of which are free, an unknown to the public. It means when you attend an event such as Acoustic Club Tuesdays you do feel as if you are a part of an intimate crowd, you feel a sense of speciality, and you feel as if you are experiencing something that most other locals are missing out upon, a fact that they are also completely unaware of.

Acoustic Club Tuesday at the Metro!

Jonty Czuchwicki