Tenacious D @ Thebarton Theatre


I didn’t plan on attending Tenacious D on Tuesday night, I’d opted to give it a miss when I found out they were touring. Two days prior to the show my mate offered to sell me a ticket and I thought why on earth not?


For those who don’t know Tenacious D is Jack Blacks band, which he helms with fellow jolly round-man Kyle Gass. They play acoustic rock and roll that revolves around comical skits, and have quite a large cult following.


The band actually had a comedian opening from Brisbane. His name was Damien Power and he had the whole crowd in stiches, awesome and intelligent comedy!


The second support act was Sasquatch, a character who appears in the extended Tenacious D world. Literally dressed as Bigfoot one man played guitar and sang songs. There were some really cool riffs and lyrics but it wasn’t enough to keep me engaged – I would have loved to see a band behind him.

He also played a drum solo, and it was obvious to me he was not as equipped on the drummers throne as he was shredding the guitar. In the end it felt a little too gimmicky to me rather than an engaging experience, and Sasquatch was blowing his own trumpet a little.


As the minutes of anticipation trickled by JB and the Rage Kage hit the stage to a monstrous welcoming. I felt that Kyle had a more impressive presence than Jack, which I was not expecting at all as the band began their opening song Rize of the Fenix, which pokes fun at the poorly received Tenacious D movie (which I thought was excellent) and jokes that fans would have to laser off their band themed tattoos.


The chemistry between Kyle and Jack is just awesome and it was really a pleasure to watch them perform. Each song in their repertoire is superiorly catchy and funny in it’s own unique way, and when I heard Jacks first vocal solo in Low Hangin’ Fruit I think I peed myself a little.


Señorita had Jack Black speaking some quite fluent Spanish, and Dude (I Totally Miss You) had the entire crowd singing along. It made me think of one of my greatest and favourite friends who’s moved away to Cambodia.


Dude, I totally miss you.


In what was a bit of a lame and predictable skit Kyle quit the band and walks off stage only to come back 5 minutes later and rip into another song. It made for a tiny bit of comic relief, but didn’t really make sense at a theatre that lacked the usual set and props of their old school gigs.


History and Kickapoo were easily highlights mid way through the set list, showcasing both Tenacious D’s acoustic guitar ingenuity and comic mischief at the same time. Tenacious D songs are really the sing along type, and it warmed my heart to finally be able to sing along with the band, and a hero of mine Jack Black.


Saxaboom was a funny little skit, whereat Jack Black plays an electric toy saxophone while Kyle dances enthusiastically. Something only these two men could market to an audience and tour around the world on.


Cosmic Shame was probably my night’s highlight, a song about following your dream – wicked funny, it’s not really conventionally to include a plot twist in a song is it? Well Tenacious D can do it.


I expected Tribute to be my favourite from the night, but with Kyle taking the Devil’s parts I thought it fell a little flat, whilst still great. And again,




An encore of Wonderboy and Fuck Her Gently brought the evening to a spectacular close, and I was definitely glad I had made the choice to splurge on a $90 ticket. I can’t wait until they tour again with a drummer so they can play songs such as Master Exploder, The Metal and Beelzeboss.


If you like coy humour and ballsy acoustic rock and roll then Tenacious D is for you!


Here’s the rest of the setlist too:




Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin cover)

Rock is Dead 

The Ballad Of Hollywood Jack And The Rage Kage 

To Be The Best 

Double Team 



Jonty Czuchwicki






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