Seventeen Fifty Seven – Punk Ass Kids @ Rocket Bar

It’s 5am as I’m writing this review, on a creative buzz that can’t be obtained by any substance, not that I didn’t have a few to drink last night. I was buying JD and coke by the armful to try and win a guitar at a nightclub, every drink gained me an entry in the draw, but alas, that guitar was not to be mine.

I can’t stress how great Rocket Bar is. It has a rooftop bar, what more could you possibly want in the entire universe, honestly. Maybe $5 entry and a free beverage when you walk through the door? Well, you got it! That’s Punk Ass Kids on Wednesday night at Rocket for ya, and it sure is great.

I was able to catch Seventeen Fifty Seven last night on the 19th. Not too many people go out on a Wednesday, so naturally my friends and I were the first people there. We headed upstairs to the rooftop bar, adorned with a large multimedia screen and a great big palm tree in the center. It’s good vibe town up there. After a few drinks the band started playing and we headed downstairs to check them out. The singer sported enormous dreadlocks, their drummer – long haired, whilst their bassist had a samurai top knot. The guitarist was a pretty plain looking dude, but he made up for it with the art of shredding, which he did quite expertly during his solos. I’d never heard this band before, so I can’t give a track-by-track review of the night, but I can describe the auditory experience to the best of my abilities.

Seventeen Fifty Seven are what I would call intelligent rock; and the great thing about them is that I found it hard to tie them to any other pre existing band. It was as if they had already etched their place into the proverbial slate that Moses used to write his ten commandments – I seriously think this band is gonna go places… some niche shit ya’ll feel me?!

I would say their singer spits a delicate mix of Serj Tankian X Anthony Kiedis style vocal sounds, though it is very much his own voice, and he was very talented, emotive and bold enough to make a good front man. Their drummer was positively radical, with one of the best drum sounds I’ve ever heard from a local Adelaide band, and their bassist was unforgiving, sitting low in the mix but walking that bass like he had thirty seconds left to redeem his Hungry Jacks Shake and Win prize. As for guitar, the riffs were innocuous, and super groovy at best, yet it was the solo’s that blew me out of the water:

Long, technical, ear warming stuff that soothes the very soul.

It’s actually so early in the morning to the point where I’m not sure whether I just really loved this band, or am starting to become delusional, but I think it’s the former of the two that is the divine truth.

Check out Seventeen Fifty Seven, they are great! Now I’m off to go surfing.

Stay tuned for more pieces coming regularly, and more content than hairs on your head.

Jonty Czuchwicki