Overview Effect – Interview!

I’ve known Jonny of Overview Effect for over a year now, so when he contacted me for an interview I warmly invited himself and bassist Dion into my home where we worked on the piece that follows.

Hey Jonny, Dion, how are you?

Good, excellent – post prematurely good.

What’s news with the band?

News… what is news? Same old current affairs: just been jamming, we have a show coming up on the 11th of April, pre production on the new EP, touching up the intricacies of the song writing. Getting that essential dynamic correct, or the way we want it.

What’s the name of the new EP, and what does it mean?

The EP is called Tundra. There is a title track of the same name. Personally this song deals with a range of themes. The listener can find something to connect with too. It will differ from person to person.

The central ideas are living within an inhospitable landscape – be it physically, emotionally or metaphysically. There is also a theme of depersonalization; of everyday situations, objects, and people. The song deals with isolation and detachment.

Is it a social commentary or an introspective journey?

It’s a good mix of both. It speaks for the people looking for a commentary on society. The lyrics are progressive; they give insight to the plight of the songwriter(s), which is a main part of the journey.

How does the EP sound musically?

The songs flow chronologically with the narrative of the concept. In line with the perspective of our vocalist Felicia the sounds of the instruments highlight the emotions she conveys while singing. There is no one divine meaning, there is still an inherent subjectivity that allows the listener to apply their own ideas and experiences to enjoy said journey for X amount of time.

In comparison your prior demo how does the upcoming EP stand technically?

The EP is on an entirely new level. The demo was written and recorded hastily; purely to get something out there for people to listen to. Once it was released we considered it obsolete. The EP has had infinitely more time and effort put into it. It is a more raw expression of our ideas, and this makes it easier to listen to. The EP is a logical evolution of our sound. It’s different because we as people have grown as a band; we’ve grown closer, and more accepting of each other. We’ve also had more time to work on improving the way we implement technical intricacies into out song writing. From having sections that contained only one primary riff we’ve now began to layer our soundscape with complimentary compositions that run over the top of each other. These layers are a combination of melodic, polyrhythmic and harmonic.

Are you proud of your work?

Rather than being overjoyed, or narcissistically happy with something that stems from ourselves we rather consider that it subjectively is what it is: If people enjoy our music or connect with it that’s great.

We are all about the acceptance of individuality. We aren’t pushing our music upon anyone who wouldn’t otherwise listen to it.

Most of all we are open to people who are interested in the fruit of our labour. The music is what’s important.

What can you  expect from an Overview Effect show and when/where is the next one?

Expect integrity: it’s not a show where ego or theatrics are on high. On stage we explore the world of multimedia projections. What plays behind us is a representation of what music makes us envision. We prefer intimacy over rock star snobbery. As if to say; “I’m here with you’’

We also keep things fresh and new with improvisation. We respect that people pay money to see our shows, and so we call our shows a performance over a ‘gig’. It’s a visual as well as auditory experience that excites the entire sensory pallet.

Our next show is on Friday the 11th of April at the Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre behind Fowlers live. We are playing with our friends Dirt Playground and a soon to be announced special guest. Doors are at 7:30pm. Tickets are $20 at the door, or $15 if you buy one from a band member.

Message the Overview Effect page and have tickets delivered to your door by the band!

Recording the EP starts next week, and we want it to come to fruition naturall. I’m putting my money on the end of Spring, or maybe we will go Maynard on everyone and release it seven years from now at the Crown and Anchor!

Last words?

The EP launch is going to be a big spectacle, something different and unexpected. We’re going to have a support act, but something a little different to a rock and roll band. It will feature crazy lighting, heavy visuals and be performance orientated rather than your standard EP launch at a pub.

– Jonty Czuchwicki