Love Cream, Jungle City, Seek N Destory and Borgore!

Hey there everybody! I had quite an unforgettable weekend (bender?) I don’t know, I started my end of week celebrations on Wednesday and carried them on all the way through Sunday. This means that I’ll have to break what I write into two blocks and publish them both separately.

On Wednesday night I attended Punk Ass Kids. Rocket Bar is now my church; and local music is the religion I practice, and I fucking love it! Last week on the 5th of February there were so many people out on a Wednesday night, all to hang out and feed one of Adelaide’s best-kept musical/cultural secrets! There is literally something growing here that we are all aware of, that we are so glad and, and proud to be a part of, and we find it to be saddening that there are people who still have no idea about Punk Ass Kids.

This week Jungle City opened up; they’re a ridiculously psychedelic and energetic three piece. They jettisoned through their set list of original songs and covers too. Everyone was dancing and having a jolly good time as thick grooves, deep rhythm and hard riffs flowed through Rocket Bar. This was more than a week ago now, so I am having a tiny bit of trouble remembering the details perfectly, but what I do remember is looking around me and seeing everybody dancing and generally having great fun, playing air guitar or holding more drinks in one hand than could do them any good on a Wednesday night. There is a vibe and a mood here that is unobtainable anywhere else in Adelaide.

Jungle City really killed it, if you’re looking for barebones, psychedelic, funky, groovy, danceable, energetic rock and roll you should definitely come out to one of their shows.

The rooftop saw the return of market stalls, and Open Grave records were selling some CD’s from local Adelaide bands. There is literally something interesting around every corner. It seems like I go on about Punk Ass Kids too much but I just want people to have the chance to be a part of it before you literally have to line up twenty meters down the street to see a band that would have only had their friends in the crowd a month or two earlier. First in best served I guess.

That brings us to my good friends in Love Cream, Adelaide’s premier sexual rock band. If you like lyrics full of childish hilarity and coitus puns you’re sure to love Love Cream, and even if you don’t like those things you will like them too. Musicianship, confidence, stage presence, performance skills and rock-rolling songs are the formula that makes up four of the best guys you will ever meet, and their brother Jimmy whom I don’t know all too well but I’m sure is great too.

As their set began I hustled everybody from the rooftop downstairs to the low lot stage and dance floor. The Cream were already part way through their hard hitter Why Not Me?

The dance floor was literally as crowded as when I went to see Allday at Rocket. Considering this was a Wednesday night and rock bands are playing I don’t see it as anything but an enormous feat, and a testament to the crowd that runs against the grain in little old Adelaide. The in crowd energy picked up through songs such as Back Door Lover and eventually as they reached the halfway point in their set list the crowd was heaving and a testosterone fueled mosh pit opened up, with men tearing off their shirts and butting heads like angry moose. It was a spectacle to behold!

To close their set Love Cream covered The Darkness’ I believe in a thing called Love. Will and I shared the mic and sang the song as a duet. It was loads of fun, and I’d never sang in front of so many people in my life before, with my voice being projected so loudly. There’s sort of a running joke between the Love Cream boys and me, perhaps if you were to get to know us you would be able to hear the story!

Another great thing about Punk Ass Kids is that after the bands finish the party stays alive, and every two weeks more people are staying along (my dogs just went mental) to party further into the night. I think Jessi has done an absolutely amazing job with Punk Ass Kids; it’s so exciting to see a rock and roll club thriving so much!

On Thursday I went to Apple for the first time to catch Borgore a second time. I really enjoyed hit set at Future Music last year so I figured it would be a bad move to miss a club show of his. I had never been to Apple before and I definitely like what they are doing with the place, especially in relation to the cheap and tasty shots, of which I drank many – I just think their smoker’s area needs a little more ventilation.

Seek N Destroy, a local Adelaide DJ, warmed up the crowd for the big man Borgore, and he did a really great job of it, I enjoyed the expansive range of sounds that he used, and he had the whole dance floor very muchly dancing… big ups to Chris from Seek N Destroy (If I do remember his name correctly). I’m definitely going to see him again where I can more adequately critique his music.

Borgore was and is pretty goddamn freaking awesome; I would refer to him as a connoisseur of filth; and I’m not talking about that So Fresh 2003 CD you’re selling to get money for groceries when you move into your first home, I’m talking about those indescribable noise that make you feel sexy, they make you want a dance, they make you want to grab the good looking girl (or guy) in front of you and show her (or him) a good time (I don’t like creeps, make sure any sort of grabbing of any person is consensual!). It’s the kind of sounds that reverberate through your body, they entice the wicked and sensual part of your personality, that doesn’t come out when some bozo is fading dance tracks into each other and convinced in himself that he is an amazing MC.

The sounds inside Apple was positively radical, you could hear Borgore from every corner of the club, which is great as I was able to slam shots at the bar, or go up to the smokers area without stressing out about missing the goodness. The multimedia display was pretty interesting, though it had no match for the sheer amount of technological goodness that was available when he played Future Music in 2013.

I enjoyed my self ridiculously, and the rest of the night was a story that will never be published. Maybe if you meet me I’ll tell you one day!

Friday and Saturday’s accounts will be posted in due time and remember:

Punk Ass Kids on the 19th of February is my mother-fucking birthday! I expect to see at least one reader there. That in itself would truly make my night!

Peace and Love from me – Jonty Czuchwicki