Devils Crossroad

The boys after playing a show in Glenelg

Left to Right: Stefan Metzger, Nathan Dior, Zac Czuchwicki and Anthony Costanzo

“I need to roll a smoke,” grunts Zac Czuchwicki.

“Alright rolling.” I say in my best interviewers voice.

Sitting down to do a comprehensive interview with local Adelaide band Devils Crossroad was not something formal and work-like for me, but rather just a time to kick back, relax, have a few beers and a good chat about music.

The interview took place in my brother’s shed. It’s riddled with psychedelic posters, empty liquor bottles, an exciting foray of couches and a welcoming vibe.

Tobacco smoke curled into the air as I set up my computer to record. These rock and roll dudes are in their complete comfort zone.

I asked them to say a few words to test the sound levels.

“Test, test this is f**king Zac!”

Lead singer Nathan simply starts to laugh.

“Test, test, testicles” says wise guy bassist Anthony Costanzo, also known as Gossip Stanz.

And a quiet chirp of

“Test” came from reserved drummer Stefan Metzger.

As the keg slowly began to run dry we chatted about an extensive range of topics, from each members musical background, Stanz picking up the drums as early as three years old and finding the bass when he was twelve, which I remarked must have coincided with the first time he ever touched him self, to each members influences; bands mentioned being Elvis Presley, The Stones, Slash, Hendrix, Led Zep, Muddy Waters and the Beatles, and ending on some very interesting, entertaining, and sometimes R rated stories, such as Stefan being given his first drum kit by the indigenous man next door and a now infamous gig at the Producers Bar that resulted in death threats and personal belongings being urinated on.

Devils Crossroad has seen a lot for being fresh on the scene.

All in all the band and its members are always trying to progress what they have created and make it better, when asked of their ultimate goal this is what Nathan Dior had to say:

“If even one person can get value from my songs, or get through a hard time, or even just feel that there is someone out there who is in the same situation as they are, and not feel so alone, then I have achieved what I want to accomplish in my life.”

Behind the chain smoking, longhaired, beer-swilling hooligans are a bunch of very switched on, down to earth and spiritual dudes. They’re smart, cool and friendly and there’s never a dull time to be had in their company.

Devils Crossroad have two upcoming shows on the Thursday May the 9th at the Uni Bar and Thursday May the 23rd at the Ed Castle. The band also have an EP launching sometime in 3rd Quarter 2013.

To hear the full uncut 45-minute interview hit up the Devils Crossroad Soundcloud Page.

Below are the bands various networking profiles that can be accessed for news, updates, photos and tasty tracks to listen to.

Instagram: @devilscrossroad


This editorial piece by Jonty Czuchwicki has been selected as the winner of a competition, and will be published in the July issue of Me.Magazine