2013 – A Year in Review

Such Mexican, Very Gangster. Wow.

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Hey, didn’t see you there! I’m Troy Mclure (Jonty Czuchwicki), and welcome to Episode #2 of Self-Actualised Journalism. 2013 has been the year of the doge, and a very crazy year at that. I’ve had some of the most challenging times of my entire life, and some of the most heartwarming escapades at the very same time. This episode will be a year in review, and I’ll be picking my top  shows for 2013, and explaining to you why I chose them. I’m on a flight to Japan by the way, hopefully my current trend of jet setting will continue strongly.

So that is my short list for the top ten shows I’ve attended this year. There’s twelve there and I need to get rid of two – no easy task. Perhaps I’ll just categorize them in order or quality, and then get onto the good stuff.

Tenacious D – 11

So I ended up going to Tenacious D’s acoustic show on an absolute whim. My mate needed money for his travels to Bali, so he sold me his ticket. It was so great to be at a show amongst diehard fans of the D. Ultimate hilarity, from the two mist loveable fat men ever – Kyle Gass, and Jack Black. They both have amazing voices, and the show was a lot of fun, and full of comedy skits. I would have love to see them playing with Dave Grohl on drums though. Alas!

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Chet Faker/Nina Las Vegas/Tyler Touche  – 10

Awesome music at a university open night, and for free?! This shit doesn’t happen every day. A great day with great people and great vibes, and to think I didn’t even know who Nina Las Vegas was! Chet brought the chills, Tyler brought dat funk and Nina dropped the bangers. What more could you want?!

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Allday – 9

I do not, and never have enjoyed Australian hip-hop, so when I discovered Alldeezy I was wrapt by a new sense of musical enjoyment. Mega chilled, phat as fuck beats, next level lyrics and an empirical flow. Allday put on a great show, and I even got to interview him after!

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Black Sabbath – 8

Such a bucket list show for me to go see, and as they’re not recording any further albums post 13, tours will be less and less abundant, especially in Australia. It was a shame Bill Ward was not behind the kit for this show, but hole guacamole, Lommi and Geezer were amazing, such a powerful energy came through during the show. Ozzy has seen better days for fifteen years now, and it showed during the set, but it was still quite an amazing experience!

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DJ Snake – 7

They say a sneeze is an 8th of an orgasm, but when DJ Snake is (DRINKIN MA JUICE) destroying the decks, it’s a full one – and a half! Trap is seriously the shiznit, when Marylin Manson was talking about the new shit; this is what he must have meant. It’s just so danceable, so in your face, and the funniest lyrics you’ll ever hear. I must have lost three litres of sweat that night, a testament to how much I enjoyed myself.

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The Lizards – 6

The Lizards are a local punk band with thrash roots from the bay area in Adelaide. I met them at a bar where they were playing an acoustic cover set, and they invited me to their album launch, which was off the fucking chains. It was at Rocket Bar, my fav club, and there were literally people crowd surfing, and stage diving, IN A MOTHERFUCKING DANCE CLUB. I had so much intoxicated fun, and ended up getting kicked out for stage diving and kicking out a light while crowd surfing. There record is fucking sweet too, you should definitely check it out.

Meshuggah/Lamb of God – 5

Two of my favourite bands in one show, what more can I even say? I was a little peeved that Meshuggah didn’t play Stengah, but they did In Life is Death in full, which was utterly mindblowing to say the least. The entire band looks like they belong in some futuristic metal city. So so cool. Lamb of God were amazing as always, I’ve been blessed to have seen them three times now. Seeing Willie Adler smoke a cigarette whilst playing Omerta was so god damned bad ass. Richmond, Motherfucking, Virginia!

Tool – 4

Tool are another one of those bucket list bands, and I just had to go see them. My buddy Will from Love Cream was even kind enough to give me two extra tickets for free, so I was able to bring two of my best friends along too! They’re such a next level band, and their multimedia display is amazing. Had the greatest time. Stinkfist was so godnamed awesome, it was like a futuristic space rave!

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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds  – 3

Seeing Nick cave with my Dad and my brother was amazing. Dad’s favourite band too. Nick is the ultimate king of cool, and his band of merry man were not too far behind. One of the most atmospheric live sets I have ever seen. Stand outs include Red Right Hand and Dig, Lazarus Dig.

Bloc Party/Future Music  – 2

Bloc Party are one of my favourite bands of all time, and they are one of the best bands out there right now. They cut through the rest like an arrow on target, no body sounds like them, and they are musically perfect. Combined with an epic laser light show, and debuting a new track on the Future Music tour was just too much. + Matt Tong, Jesus Christ, Matt Tong.

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Metallica – Number fucking one!

Metallica headlining Soundwave. Two hour set. They turned my brain to shit.

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Cannot wait to see so many more bands this year. Each and every one of you should too. If you want to know what’s sweet and what’s coming up just hit me up. I’ll always come out to any show with any person any time.

Jonty Czuchwicki